Spring runway to real way

Spring runway to real way

My clients often ask me to explain the purpose of fashion week’s couture runway shows. They question the high level of hoopla generated over outrageous looks (left) that have little wear-ability in the real world. Even though my clients do have a good point (and are not couture shoppers), I feel there is still something to glean from following fashion week’s couture pageantry. Beyond the outlandish looks lies the substance of the season: its signature styles, embellishments, cuts, and silhouettes. When the week is observed with a conceptual eye rather than a concrete perspective, these signatures are instantly apparent.

Like most fashion seasons, spring’s runway was filled with looks from the sublime to the ridiculous. Rather than being concerned with whether this or that is wearable (or affordable), it is better to ponder what a piece or collection aims to inspire. This method of observation can covert the most outlandish runway statement into a look that can be worn in a real way. With this in mind, here are the runway’s most noteworthy spring trends and a real way to wear them.

Trend: Goddess of the Sea

The sea inspired many runway looks producing flowing, diaphanous, and ethereal looks in colors of pale blue, turquoise, and blue-green. To avoid looking like a human jellyfish (see picture) rely on accessories like coral necklaces and shell handbags to make a more realistic fashion statement.

JellyFish SeaTrend2
Runway – Chanel Real way – Paua Shell Minaudière, $150, Esty.com


Trend: Positive/Negative

Two-color, large-scaled patterns and boxy cuts are a tough sell yet the runway was black and white about its love for bold geometric patterns, broad vertical stripes, and boxy silhouettes.

BoldStripeRunway BoldStripeTrend
Runway – Valentino Real way – Nadia Tarr Striped Pencil Skirt, Intermix.com


Trend: Tropical Prints and Bolds

Donning tropical prints can be a slippery slope to a Jimmy Buffet concert. Yet when the print is worn in an unexpected way it appears fresh and chic.

TropicalRunway TropicalTrend
Runway – Just Cavalli Real way – Floral Statement Scarf, BananaRepublic.com


Trend: Modern Japan

It turns out that Modern Japan has room for a traditional kimono in its closet. Kimono tops, jackets, and dresses tied up the runway and made for one of the only practical fashion statements this spring.

JapanRunway JapanTrend
Runway – Rodebjer Real way – Topshop Print Satin Kimono, Nordstrom.com


Piece originally featured in Pacific Sun

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