Style never sleeps, my friends

Style never sleeps, my friends
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Over the holidays I spent time with my extended family in Wisconsin. Although I missed the “polar vortex,” the nights were still colder than I was prepared for. Hence (and much to the chagrin of my husband) I resorted to wearing my down parka to bed.

I would like to say this was my first dalliance with inappropriate sleeping attire but alas I cannot. In fact I wear all sorts of “nontraditional” garments to bed with the hopes of staying warm throughout the night, even here in temperate California. These items typically include a range of polar fleeces and cashmere sweater sets. While this dressing method sends me to sleep, it also awakens me at night. The night I wore the parka to bed I got overheated and awoke as if I were suffering from an acute menopausal hot flash.

With the New Year I decided to make a sleepwear change for the sake of my style expert cred (style never sleeps, my friends), my marriage and my circadian rhythm. To that end, I have gone in search of sleepwear that is stylish, feminine and cozy. Here’s what fits the bill, from luxury to budget.

LiquidNightShirt FeatherbedCashmereRobe
Jessie Steele Night Shirt, $25
BedHead Cashmere Robe, $400


BedHeadHenleySet ChadwicksPJset
BedHead Henley Pj set, $150
Fleur’t Piped Pj set, $110


Piece originally featured in Pacific Sun