Got a passion for purple?

Got a passion for purple?
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There hasn’t been this much passion for purple since Donny Osmond’s borderline obsession with purple socks in the 1970’s. Purple is back in a big way and in 2014 it won’t settle for just making a statement with socks. Nope, purple aspires to be your everything hue, coloring your face and nails, your wardrobe, and your home.

Purple is a unique color. On the color wheel it sits between the chilly tranquility of blue and the blazing vitality of red. It exhibits both cool and warm attributes. This means purple has the ability to compliment the full range of skin tones and home décor color pallets. However not every shade of purple is for everyone or everyplace.

Finding the right purple for your face, nails, and wardrobe – Before you apply or slip-on purple it is important to get a read on your skin’s undertone. Knowing whether your undertone is cool or warm makes all the difference in finding the most flattering colors. According to Simply Karen Mineral Cosmetics, undertones can be found by looking at the underside of your wrist; “If your veins appear bluish you are cool toned, if they appear greenish you are warm toned.” Those shades of purple that match your “temperature” will be the most complimentary. Therefore cool undertones look best in purples that contain more blue properties like mauve, periwinkle, and royal (see: Pantone). While warm undertones look best in purples that are mixed with more red properties like magenta, radiant orchid, and burgundy (see: Pantone)

 Finding the right purple for your home – Just like the concept of matching temperature tones for a harmonious look, the same reasoning applies to a harmonious home. As a general rule mixing warm and cool palettes in the same room creates an unconventional vibe and knocks the room out of balance. To avoid this always consider the temperature tone of the room’s existing upholstered furniture or accents before adding new purple elements. This is prudent whether you are painting the room purple or just added inexpensive yet impactful updates such as purple pillows, throws, vases, and even candles.

The next time you are tempted to buy a purple something or other consider if your temperatures are a good match even when it’s simply a pair of purple socks.