Million dollar baby bag

Million dollar baby bag
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Now that you’re a mom, that clutch large enough to hold two lipsticks probably won’t cut it. It’s time for an upgrade to something more mommy appropriate, something that can hold the baby necessities (diapers, wipes, food and clothes to last at least 2 days… you never know what may happen at the park).

Luckily, moms no longer have to carry a bag reminiscent of mommy jeans… Baby bags have turned the fashion corner and landed on 5th Avenue. These days it’s difficult to distinguish between a designer handbag and a diaper bag, in both style and price. Brands such as Gucci, Prada, and Kate Spade have revolutionized the form and function of the diaper bag and along the way helped transform moms from frumpy to fashion-forward.

While I’m typically dubious of the cost-benefit of high fashion, I do believe a case can to be made for buying a designer baby bag. Here are four good reasons to indulge:

Value – If you have only one child the shortest length of time you will carry a diaper bag is two years. Within those two years you will tote it almost everyday. Given this time frame, a designer diaper bag priced at $500 will cost you a mere $0.68 per day.

Styling – Designer brands offer more stylish designs ensuring trend-right looks that are an extension of mom’s personal style rather than baby’s.

Quality – Designer bags tend to be more durable as they are made with superior craftsmanship and top-notch materials. However if a bag’s quality does fail, most designer brands offer easy return policies or speedy repair services.

Versatility – Once your diapering days are over, most designer baby bags can be converted to everyday totes or weekender bags.


Celebrity favorites

Pink loves…
Timi & Leslie Charlie, $160;

Reece Witherspoon loves …
Kate Spade Stevie Baby Bag, $398;

Angelina Jolie loves…
Hammitt Suzy, $500,

Maggie Gyllenhaal loves…
Not Rational Hansel, $600;

Halle Berry loves…
Gucci Logo Diaper Bag, $795;

Jessica Alba loves…
Prada Nylon Baby Bag, $1,290;

Brad Pitt loves…
Jamah The Nanny, $1,625;

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