Skirting the skin parade

Skirting the skin parade
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539f2a6f2544e.imageThe early summer heat beats down on me like an impeding sense of doom. In my world, summertime means pool time and this year I am feeling skinny-fat. I admit my condition (or lack thereof) is a result of sheer laziness. I delayed my summertime “prep” workout until the word prep no longer made any sense as a descriptive. Now I am stuck with an untoned body and two little children who beg me daily to visit the Sleepy Hollow pool.
While I have little intention to hit the gym, nor little choice in avoiding the pool, this summer I have to get big-time creative to skirt my local pool’s skin parade. Luckily for me there has been a swim cover-up explosion. This season local stores are featuring fabulous cover-up options that can be worn in and around the pool, in addition to serving as sun- and ego-protection.  Here are just a few:
Kaftans and tunics
Diaphanous and open-weave kaftans and tunics are all the rage this summer—and look terrific poolside. However they don’t have to be relegated to the pool. In fact many of these throw-overs are chic enough to wear to the poolside restaurant.
Swim skirts and tees
While swim skirts have been mostly worn by retirees and swim tees by children, this year pool moms have assimilated these pieces into their swimwear repertoire. And it’s really no wonder. Swim skirts can create a retro poolside look while discreetly hiding full hips and rump. Tees provide skin protection while elongating and disguising a full midsection.
Sarongs and beach pants
Wet bodies need easy-on cover-ups. This is why women prefer the ease of sarongs and beach pants at the pool. This summer, both come in a multitude of colors, fabrics and designs to match your swimwear.
Sunny skies don’t have to mean gloom and doom for your ego. However if you think these cover-up suggestions still won’t  skirt your pool’s skin parade, you can always just dive in.
Piece originally featured in Pacific Sun