Dying for ombre

Dying for ombre
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In places like Fairfax, Berkeley, Madison, and the entire state of Vermont, tie-dye is a state of mind. In fact the look is so pervasive that it seems impossible to stroll through any of these places and not to see tie-dye hanging in local stores or on the backs of local folks. However this passion for multicolored spirals and starbursts doesn’t extend much beyond these free-to-be-you-and-me spots. In fact most fashionable Americans tend to regard tie-dye as a skosh passé and have moved on to its contemporary and more trendy cousin: ombre.

Like tie-dye, the ombre look is accomplished by manipulating the dyeing process to create a whimsical garment or product but without the hippie overtones. Ombre is the French word for “shaded,” hence pieces and products with this dip-dye treatment fade in color or gradually change in hue.

This year ombre has reached a trend zenith: shading items that range from yoga mats to beach pants, shoes to shirts, tees to dresses (and of course, hair). Here are just a handful of ombre items to  “dye” for this summer:


Shaeny Dip Dye Pullover, Shaeny.com; Hugger Mugger Yoga Mat, REI.com; Sperry Ombre Topsider, Sperry.com

Originally featured in Pacific Sun