Duen’t dress hot?

Duen’t dress hot?
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While every season imposes its own fashion challenges, some seasons are harder to dress chicly for than others…especially when you are pregnant. The two worst are surely winter and summer. Winter’s cold weather and slippery conditions drive fashion-conscious mamas to cover up their carefully assembled ensembles and keep super practical with their shoe selection, while summer’s searing heat and humidity force others to remove the fashion and makeup embellishments they hoped to showcase along with their bump.

If I had a choice, I would certainly rather cater my maternity fashion look to a cool/cold environ (something I became an expert at while living in San Francisco and Wisconsin, respectively) than that of a hot one. But let’s face it—when summer hits most places around the country, you don’t have that option. So in an attempt to help you stay cool this summer and, at the same time, appear “cool,” here are some heat-buster hair, makeup and fashion tips.

Hair – If you wear your long, thick hair “down,” it is likely contributing to you feeling like a hot mess. Pulling your hair off your face and neck is one good way for staying cool this summer. Consider these easy-breezy updo-ish options.

  • Topknot: Hair tied in a knot and worn at the top of the head.
  • French twist: Hair twisted, tucked and secured with a large comb at the nape of the neck.
  • Bun donut: Hair rolled up into a donut-style hair doodad to create a bun and worn at the top of the head.
  • Wrapped ponytail: Hair pulled back and secured with elastic band. Then take a lock of hair and wrap it around the band. Secure with a hairpin.
  • Side braid: Hair braided along front sides of the head.

Makeup – A full face of makeup on a hot and humid day can make you look like a sweaty circus clown. This is why it is best to have a light touch when applying makeup to a sun-kissed face. This summer allow your skin to breathe and let your pregnancy glow shine through with the following makeup “dos.”

DO Makeup DON’T Makeup
Moisturizing tint with SPF 30 Foundation
Bronzer Blush
Powdered eyeliner Liquid eyeliner
Lip stain or tinted balm Lipstick
Water-proof brown mascara Jet-black mascara


Fashion – Even though summer clothes are “skimpier” than those of other seasons, they can still contribute to your overheating. To prevent a meltdown, avoid wearing pieces made of poly- and lycra-blends, or any padded or tight-fitting clothing. Here are some fashion “dos” and “don’ts” for keeping it cool this summer.

DO Fashion DON’T Fashion
Cotton tank with built-in bra Padded bra
Open-weaved, medium brimmed hats Hat-less, felt or knit hats
Cotton, linens Denim, poly- and lycra-blends
Light colors Dark colors
Open-weaved fabric Tight weaves and knits fabric
Leather Pleather
Sandals Closed-toe and boots
Skirts and dresses Pants


If these fashion and beauty tips still have you hot and bothered, there is still another option for escaping the heat. Book a summer holiday bound for San Francisco. There, cold, winter weather can be experienced every August.
(Left to right: lip stain – TheBalm.com; dress – DestinationMaternity.com; hat – JCrew.com; sandals – DSW.com)

Originally featured in the Pacific Sun (edited)