Packing up for parenthood

Packing up for parenthood
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If you’re at the tail end of pregnancy and currently contemplating what to pack for “that” hospital visit, you’re not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, summer is the “hottest” season for births in the United States with August welcoming more newborns than any other month of the year (closely followed by September). Most sociologists chalk-up this peak in summertime births to holiday (Halloween and Thanksgiving) jubilation and other social factors like the preference for summer birthdays or more lenient summer work schedules. Giving this seasonal timing and my penchant for following trends- fashion or otherwise – it seemed that some hospital packing dues were in order. Here’s a combination of items to pack that are comfortable, effective, and stylish for the next stop on your “bumpy” journey into parenthood: the hospital.


Slippers – Going bare-footed at the hospital is a fashion duen’t. Keep your feet clean and warm when you pack your favorite slippers. Monogram them so they don’t get lost.

PJs – Pack a PJ set that’s practical and pretty. You will be wearing it in the hospital’s notoriously chilly enviro, for your baby’s first picture, and to receive hospital visitors. Racerback Nursing PJ Set: A Pea in the Pod

Compression band – Pack a Belly Bandit to start the process of shrinking down your Mommy Pouch while waiting to be released. (Ask your doctor if compression is right for you). Belly Bandit: A Pea in the Pod

Undies – For those scheduled for a C-section pack the c-panty. Engineered to compress your belly and wear comfortably over your C-section scar. (Ask your doctor if compression is right for you). C-panty: A Pea in the Pod

Bra – The best nursing bra to pack is one that is comfortable enough to be worn day and night, since you will be nursing around the clock. Unlined Nursing Sleep Bra: A Pea in the Pod

Nursing pads – Avoid the embarrassment and discomfort of a wet PJ top when you pack and wear absorbent nursing pad inserts. Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads: Target

Going-home outfit for you – Pack a comfortable outfit that is flattering, figure forgiving, and provides nursing ease for your “family trip” home. Maxi, Tart; Necklace, Chew Beads; Cardigan, Splendid: Mom’s the Word

Going-home outfit for him – Pack a onesie that allows for a swift diaper change and covers the baby’s arms and legs. Coordinate baby’s look with yours to create your own stylish going-home photo opp. Sea Lion Infant Sacque, Kate Quinn; Sprout

Diaper bag – These days diaper bags can be as chic as handbags. Buy one that expresses your personal style, not your baby’s (no cartoon character diaper bags, please!). Don’t forget to pack it with baby essentials including: newborn diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, changing pad, plastic bags, bottles, extra clothes, burp cloth, thin blanket, and possibly a pacifier. Diaper bag, Hammit; Mom’s the Word

Being packed and prepared for your hospital visit can lead to an initial sense of confidence about parenting. A condition you may wish you had more of after you have been released.

Excerpted: Fashion Dues & Duen’ts; a Stylist’s Guide to Fashionably Embracing Your Baby Bump (Know Act Be Books: releasing September 2014). Piece originally feature in Pacific Sun