Style: it’s elementary

Style: it’s elementary
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Some pair food and wine, as a stylist, I often make suggestions on how to pair fashion and location. You may recall a few months back, I paired boots and local haunts [“These boots were made for dining”]. This week, I am back with yet another pairing: school shoes and bags (fashion) with local elementary schools (location). To make an “educated” pairing for your little one, new school shoes and bags should:

1. Meet the basic requirements:

  • Simple to secure (i.e. Velcro straps, snapsĀ or buckles)
  • Multicolored (for coordination with various outfits)
  • Durable
  • Sized correctly
  • Comfortable fit
  • Multi-functional
  • Non-marking (shoes only)

2. Consistent with the school’s decorum and/or dressing policies

3. Complimentary (But not match … that’s dorky, Mom.)

Now that we are in the first-day-of-school countdown mode, many of my mom friends are off scurrying about in search of larger-sized and newly styled school shoes and bags for their kids. As a mom of a first grader, I know how daunting back-to-school shopping can be (especially with her in tow). However, when you understand what makes a good shoe, bag and school pairing, you can cut down on the stores’ back-to-school clutter and make an A+ choice for your kid.