Beating the Karan Clock

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Beating the Karan Clock
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Fashion designer, Donna Karan once said something to the effect of, if you spend more than 10 minutes staring into your closet for something to wear; there isn’t something wrong with your clothes, but rather something wrong with you. Her voice rings in my head each time I am confounded by my closet (and its contents). I am not proud to admit, for a variety of reasons, that most Saturdays and Sundays I spend more than the prescribed amount of time noodling over what to wear. To me, a casual weekend look has always proven more elusive than that of a buttoned-up weekday one.

To squelch my closet confusion, sure, I could just throw on something from Lululemon. However, choosing to wear black easy-on, pull-up athletic pants with no plans to sweat at best feels disingenuous and at worst, like a fashion copout. This fall I endeavor to beat the “Karan Clock”. If I can incorporate some of this fall’s most wearable trends into my wardrobe, I just might have a chance of getting dressed in under 10 minutes. Since time is of the essence I decided to shop the one place I know produces slick weekend wear: J.Crew. Here are just a few of their clock-beating pieces.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.45.22 PM