Uncommon goods; common family

Uncommon goods; common family
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Each year the holiday season seems to roll around earlier than the last. While premature displays of holiday giftables, in the month of September, can make retailers look pushy, this general advancing of the holiday buying season can be advantageous for the shopper. Those who shop early have both time and selection on their side.
When it comes to holiday giving, my loved ones have come to expect a lot from me in the gift department and why not? I do technically shop for a living. However figuring out what to buy for whom can at times be a tad stressful (even for a professional shopper). This is especially true if your gift list contains people or “personalities” of various ages, tastes and interests. So to ensure that the gifting pressure doesn’t dampen my holiday cheer, I choose to shop early, really early. This year I bought my final holiday gift on Oct. 1.
Since I have already scouted local artisans and local stores as well as online retailers for uncommon gifts for my common family, I decided to pull together a round-up of this year’s best gifts by personality type.
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If you are like me, you love to give holiday gifts that surprise, amuse and delight, but these reactions are not easy to come by if you wait until the last minute to shop or if you don’t consider the personalities you’re buying for. If you wish, use this gift guide round-up as your own personal shopping list or simply as an inspiration board. Remember—if all else fails, there’s always eggnog.