PRESS: Remotely, powerful

PRESS: Remotely, powerful
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There’s a wealth of information about workplace “power dressing”, a particular style of dress that signifies a confident, successful persona. But what if you work from home where no one can see you? Outside of the occasional delivery person, does it matter what you wear? Is there such a thing as power dressing at home?  It does, and there is.

In an interview with Business Insider (Australia), former Christian Dior designer Jon-Michail says when you dress for work ask yourself, “What do I hope to achieve?” Although Jon-Michail was referring to corporate power dressing, this question is just as relevant to teleworkers as it is to onsite employees.

“What do I hope to achieve?” Ask yourself that question each morning as you prepare for work– even if work is a mere ten feet from your bedroom. My guess is you want to be seen by others as confident and competent. And you want to be productive, excellent in what you do; and you want to look forward to showing up to work each day. Does your dress reflect what you want to achieve?

If you want to dress the part, take the advice Jon-Michail gave Business Insider. There, he offered several tips on power dressing, which are surprisingly simple, practical and applicable to the work at home woman.

Don’t skimp

Just because your colleagues don’t observe you often, don’t buy low quality clothing because you want to cut corners. Not only will you wear through the clothes faster, but you’ll be less comfortable than if you wore clothing made from better material.

Color matters

Many women get stuck wearing “comfort colors”. In my dresser, for example, is a stack of gray T-shirts. I must feel more secure when I wear this bland color, but it does nothing to energize me or make me feel more competent. Instead, I’ve discovered that I’m more confident, creative, and productive when I wear slacks and print blouses. Clothing color can positively affect performance, especially if it’s out of one’s comfort zone.

Dress for the occasion

Are you meeting a client or a group of coworkers for coffee? Dress up a little! From your appearance people will make assumptions about your competence and dedication to your job. If your appearance says, “Hi guys, nice to see you. I was cleaning my bathroom!” it’s time to give your sweatpants a break until work hours are over.

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According to Katie Rice Jones, fashion expert and author of Fashion Dues & Duen’ts; a Stylist’s Guide to Fashionably Embracing Your Baby Bump: “Some home-based workers falsely believe that power dressing… doesn’t apply to them since no one see them during the workday. But they forget they are being noticed during web-based conference calls with coworkers and frequent meetings outside the home office with clients. All these impressions, good and bad, add up.” …Click here to read more…

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