PRESS: Maternity fashionista

PRESS: Maternity fashionista
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We were lucky enough to snag an interview with local Marin resident and author of Fashion Dues & Duen’ts: a Stylist’s Guide to Fashionably Embracing Your Baby Bump. We asked style questions related to dressing your changing body from growing a bump to dressing your post-baby body. With her abundance of amazing advice, we’ve broken down the interview into a 3-part miniseries. Part 1:

Rachel Schohn of Petite Marin: (Q) I love how you encourage woman to shop their closets first when navigating their maternity wardrobe. Can you highlight one or two pieces women can embrace when their bump first starts to show?

Katie Rice Jones: (A) Between 0-5 months you’re in a body limbo of sorts – gradually getting too big for your tailored regular-fit pieces, but yet not big enough for traditional maternity. Hence your look is in limbo too. The trick to finding something to wear is to identify regular-fit clothing that is adaptable or blind to your changing body. These kinds of wardrobe pieces are called maternity wear posers, or more simply, posers.

Given current fashion trends, it’s likely that much of your closet’s existing clothes can make do as transitional clothing during your early and midterm pregnancy. To discover which of your regular-fit clothing can pose as posers examine them for the following styling, construction, and detail…

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