Are those mom jeans?

Are those mom jeans?
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Finding the perfect jeans to fit and flatter has never been an easy task, however it seems to get monumentally harder after entering Mommydom. From grappling with body shape changes to general weight gain to diminished time, energy, and money to devote to the sassy jean cause, shopping for a new pair can be a real chore. These constraints coupled with a perplexing myriad jean cuts, styles, rises, and rinses, it’s really no wonder moms throw up their hands and go baggy. However, throwing on a pair of mom jeans can be the first step down a slippery fashion slope leading to the acquiescence of other mom-ish looks such as white trainers, fanny packs, polos, leatherette handbags, thin braided leather belts, and alma mater sweatshirts. With a bit of effort and styling know-how this downward spiral can easily be prevented.

The first important step is to recognize if you have succumbed to mom jeans. This is done by perusing your closet and looking for the following combination of denim styling.

  • Relaxed leg cut which slightly tapers to the ankle (accentuates girth of upper thigh)
  • Medium-high rise (visually protrudes lower belly)
  • Light to medium rinse (visually adds 5 pounds)
  • Loose fit around hips (broadens hips)
  • Baggy rump (flattens and diminishes shapeliness of rump)
  • Wide, small back pockets placed close to side seams (flattens and lengthens rump)

Even if you happen to own a few pairs of mom jeans have faith, it’s not too late. You can still recover your sassafras from under all that denim if you act quickly. Follow the guidelines laid out below and get ready to take your look from mom-ish to mom-dish.

Carve-out some time to shop. Devote a few hours to simply looking for sassy jeans. This may seem like a luxury but for as many hours you spend wearing jeans, a few hours consumed on finding the perfect pair is well worth it.

Try everything on. Laborious as it may be, this process opens you up to new styles and cuts that may surprisingly flatter.

Bring an honest friend along. Anyone who is candid enough to tell you that your booty looks big in a pair of pants is a true friend. Don’t rely on a commission-based sales person to give you the honest scoop.

Become a brand loyalist. Get familiar with the brand(s) that look best on you. Always shop those brands first.

Buy two.
 If you like the way a pair fits, why not buy two? Diversify your identical jeans by color for greater wardrobe versatility.

Spend-up. Don’t fret about spending-up for a great pair of jeans. Jeans are a smart investment as their cost per use is minuscule.

Find mom-dish jeans. A combination of universally flattering attributes in a single pair of jeans can work wonders. Brands that tend to have these combinations include J Brand, JOE’S and Lucky. Those attributes are:

  • Slim or straight leg (slims the legs)
  • Medium rise (curbs muffin top)
  • Dark wash (slims lower body)
  • Long back pockets place close to center seam (narrows the rump)

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