Look smaller using a sleight-of-hand

Look smaller using a sleight-of-hand
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The “right” clothes can have a transformative effect over your pregnant appearance. In fact, certain clothes, either by design or by fluke, can perform sleight of hand slimming tricks. These clothing items have unique characteristics that make you appear smaller when you wear them. The key to looking “nothing-but-baby” is in understanding what kinds of clothing characteristics employ this type of trickery. Here are just a few to consider wearing:

Shine-free separates. Clothes with a matte finish tend to slim. While shiny and metallic pieces expand the body.

Dark colored items.  Wearing dark color will make your body look slimmer. Dark colors, like black or navy blue or plum, absorb light thereby visually narrowing your look. Pale colors and white reflect light producing the opposite effect.

Vertically or diagonally striped pieces. While horizontal sailor stripes are all the rage this summer, they won’t do you any favors in the slimming department. A vertically striped pattern creates a lean, long bodyline while diagonal patterns visually narrow

Mid-thigh lengths in shorts and skirts. Sure the super-tight mircomini is trend-right but it’s not very democratic. Mid-thigh length pieces like an 8-inch Bermuda short or a gathered mini skirt are just as fashionable and universally more flattering.

Ankle-length pants. If you must wear short pants consider a slim fit, ankle-length Capri over a full leg, calf length crop. While the Capri-length pant can help to elongate your lower body, a crop pant makes you look short and stout.

Fitted and flowy pieces. Pieces that are constructed to fit your form slim your summer body over pieces that are too tight. Tight clothing can look “outgrown.” While slightly flowy pieces can hide body issues, gracefully.

Small printed and patterned pieces. Prints are the new black these days but wear them small in scale. Small prints don’t broaden the body as large prints can.

Color blocked clothing. To slim and define your baby bump try a dress with bright, shaped color blocking down the middle of your torso and dark blocking at your sides (see post photo).

Hip-length tops. Tops and blouses that hit at low hip, like tunics and long-bodied tees, elongate your mid-section while mid-riff tops widen and play peek-a-boo with your bump.

Don’t let your bump work against you. Take control of your appearance by selecting clothing that can perform slimming magic.