what people are saying about FD&D author…


“Katie Rice Jones can transform an expectant mom from boring to beautiful in seconds flat.”

Abigail Tuller
Pregnancy Magazine


“Many a yummy mummy has been born from the wisdom and talent of Katie’s style eye.”

Tishan Waymire Cowan
Senior VP Branded Entertainment
Warner Brothers/Telepictures


She’s your hip next door neighbor, a gal with accessible, credible, style, sass and savvy who can unearth whatcha got and hide what you’ve not. You can find your ‘look great every day’ self with Katie, the girl you want to have a Pinot Noir with, and take along on your next shopping trip: be it to your closet, or your local mall.”

Carolyn Gerin
Creator Co-Author


“Katie has a great talent at summing up the key aspects of a style in a single sentence. I hear her voice in my head every time I head to my closet to pick out a new outfit!”

Debbie Emery
Lifestyle Writer